Our Team

Isabel Caracappa
Hair Design
Isabel has been working in salons for more years than she wants to admit to – unless you are willing to believe that she started cutting hair professionally at 5 years old.  She did her initial training at the Capri Institute; completed advanced cutting programs at Jingles Academy and Paul Mitchell and regularly attends seminars to learn new techniques.

Isabel enjoys helping her clients achieve just the right hairstyle to enhance their appearance and outlook.  She loves the creative aspect of cutting hair – it’s her favorite part of her job!   She knows that a good cut is the foundation for a hairstyle that will continue to look great as it grows in.  Getting the color right is important too.  It’s all about finding what works with each client’s interests and style profile. 

Isabel loves her job and would be delighted to welcome you to her salon!

Shawn Hopf
Hair Design
As an artist, Shawn appreciates beauty on many levels.  Although he continues to draw and paint in his spare time, hair design has been the primary outlet for his creative energy in the past fifteen years. Shawn received his initial training at the Monmouth County Vocational School and has studied at the Izone in Los Angeles.  He continues to participate in state-of-the-art training to keep up with the newest trends.

Shawn thrives on making his clients look and feel fantastic.  He has a witty sense of humor, is always smiling and is never the most boring person in the room.  He looks forward to meeting you and helping you find the look that brings out your inner glow!